Our Prime Day Picks

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Today is Amazon Prime Day. If you're anything like us and you are constantly on the go or with little ones always under foot, having an Amazon Prime account is crucial for survival. These mommas literally run on coffee and Amazon Prime in an effort to always stay ahead of the curve - although who's ever really ahead of the curve, amiright?!

Anyways, today Amazon is featuring some crazy awesome deals on some of our favorite things from the Kindle Fire to the InstantPot, and everything in between (because let's be honest, Amazon carries just about everything!). So we've listed a few of our favorite things below that are part of the sale and hope that you will check them out, along with some of their other awesome sale items. If you're not a Prime member, start by clicking on the link below to sign up for your free trial. We can guarantee that once you take advantage of just the two-day free shipping alone, you'll be hooked for life!


1. Kindle Fire Kids Edition: We love our Kindle Fire. While it is a little tricky to learn all of the ins and outs if you're used to working with Mac based products like the iPad, at such a low price point you can't help but own one (or even two with the Kindle Fire Bundle) to entertain the kids!

2. Fire Stick: Yep, we've both ditched our high-priced satellite bills in exchange for this little beauty. Worth. Every. Penny. You can stream so many apps, TV shows, sports and more on just this little device. Want your local news or other TV shows, grab an antenna similar to this one and you'll be watching all of your local channels in no time!

3. Utility Wagon: If you're going to the beach, camping, to an amusement park - or ANYWHERE with little kids and lots of things, you need this wagon in your life. If collapse down for easy storage but has the off-roading wheels that make it perfect for going anywhere!

4. Diffuser: It's no secret that we love all things essential oils, and this diffuser is a steal if you are just starting out in the EO world. There are so many diffusers on the market, and some are much better than others, but if you are just getting started, grab an inexpensive one like this until you learn the ropes. Also, check out the amazing BOGO deals happening over on One Essential Connection this week on the doTerra oils (our absolute favorites!).

5. Puck Lights: Can we let you in on a little secret? Never hardwire a sconce into the wall ever again! Have you seen some beautiful sconces in those Pinterest photos and thought to yourself, "There's no way I could wire a light there!". Well, here's the secret: Puck Lights! Stick these bad boys up in your shaded sconce and no one will be the wiser in those beautiful photos!

6. Amika Dry Shampoo: This almost goes without saying because we love these products so much. We've only talked about them just about every time we do a must-buy post. Go grab a few of these Amika products, you'll fall in love with just the smell alone!

7. Grace Karin Batwing Dress: Snagged this dress in black for a wedding a few weeks ago and even the bride pulled me aside and needed to know where it was from - most of our favorite secret weapons come from Amazon, so usually when you ask, "Amazon" will be the answer. This dress is beyond comfortable and is so flattering. Grab one in every color - perfect for summer!

8. Rowenta Pro Steam: Our mom has always sworn by the Rowenta irons and we have to agree, they are the best! We all use one and we all love them. It's also the perfect gift for the bride-to-be...she won't even know she needed it until it glides so smoothly across that pair of work pants and she will instantly fall in love!

9. Garnier Micellar Water: It's a really strange thing, but it WORKS! Another "our mom" product, because she somehow learns about all the cutting-edge things, but this make-up remover works really well. Shake it up, pour it on a cotton ball and wipe away all the make-up. It also works great for removing your kids face paint from a day at the county fair!

10. Sharpies: Do we even need to say anything more? We love a good writing utensil and Sharpie makes some of the best. Go stock up!

11. Replenix Sunscreen and Moisturizer: This has always been a favorite for both of us. This moisturizer has a SPF 50 sunscreen built into the formula and does not leave you feeling oily. The best part - the color of the moisturizer is flesh-toned. It isn't a tinted moisturizer and won't provide coverage like a make-up (trust us, out husbands use it, as well), but it is a flesh-tone color instead of white to prevent from having the washed out look of white sunscreen that can sometimes be left behind.

12. Meal Prep Containers: We've both done our share of meal prepping (Megan does the best job at this between the two of us), but containers like these are a must if you want to be successful at it. Prep on a Sunday and then place your meals in these containers. Grab one on your way out the door for work and you've got nothing to worry about when it comes to lunchtime! 

13. Green Toys: These toys are the best - so durable and so great for indoor and outdoor play. We have several different varieties of the Green Toys and highly recommend them for the bathtub, the pool or the playroom!

14. Electric Kettle: If you need hot water fast, you need an electric kettle. This is perfect for brewing tea, making soup, etc. This is a must-have, as well, if you need to warm up a bottle!

15. InstantPot: Run, go, now! You've heard us rave about this, you have to make it a staple in your kitchen NOW with this sale. We are talking dinner on the table in less than 20min. with a frozen package of chicken - yes, frozen to full cooked in 12 minutes! 

We can't wait to hear about your favorites from the Prime Day sale!

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