Save the date

Save the Dates should be sent 9-12 months prior to your wedding date. Including a website with destination and accommodation information can also be helpful for planning.

response cards

You should request all response cards to be returned no less than 4 weeks prior to the wedding date. This timeline can also vary based on catering and guest needs. We recommend talking with your caterer or wedding planner to get an exact timeline on when responses are needed.

wedding invitations

Wedding Invitations should be mailed 8-12 weeks prior to your wedding. If you are planning a destination wedding, we recommend closer to 12 weeks.

thank you notes

Thank you notes should be sent immediately following your event - bridal shower, wedding, etc. It is proper etiquette to let guests know as soon as possible that you received and appreciate their gift or presence.

Wedding Stamps | Rock Paper Sisters


save the dates

A typical Save the Date, at a 4x6 or 5x7 size, that is printed on thick cardstock and mailed in a standard envelope will require standard postage at $0.55/each. Adding additional inserts, magnets, etc. can slightly increase the weight and size, resulting in higher postage rates.

  • 0-1 ounces = $0.55

  • 1-2 ounces = $0.70

  • 2-3 ounces = $0.85

  • 3.5+ ounces = $1.00

response cards

Response cards are typically a 3.5x5 size and can be mailed in a small envelope with postage costing $0.55/each. A postcard response card would require a postcard stamp priced at $0.35/each.

wedding invitations

Wedding invitations can vary in size, thickness, and weight, which can ultimately impact the cost of postage. For example, if an invitation is made of acrylic or other sturdy/non-bendable material, it will need to be sent as a parcel instead of a letter. Additionally, adding ribbon, wax seals and other decorative elements can increase postage. We recommend starting with at least a 2 ounce stamp at $0.70/each for all wedding invitations and increasing from there if need-be based on the additions.

post office tips

  • We recommend taking a sample of your invitation to the post office prior to purchasing all stamps to determine the exact amount of postage needed.

  • Hand-cancelling is recommend for wedding invitations to avoid as much machine cancelling as possible. Ask your postal worker for more details on this.

  • Review the list of post office pricing here. Note that postage prices increase every year and it is important to be mindful of this cost for your wedding, as it can sometimes be a large portion of your budget.

Ordering Invitations | Rock Paper Sisters

Our Process + Ordering


Choose from any of the pieces on our website and place your order. Interested in adding more frills like wax seals or silk ribbon - add those to your cart, as well. Upon checkout you will complete a form with all of the details that we will need to get started on your suite. Should we need additional information, we will contact you as soon as possible.

our Timelines and proofing

Upon completing your purchase with all needed information, we will get started on your proof. You can expect to see a proof of your invitation suite in your email inbox 1-2 business days following purchase (depending on the number of items purchased). Should you need additional edits following proofing, you may complete two additional proofing rounds. Please allow 10 days to four weeks for printing, assembly and shipping to you following the approval of your final proof depending on the amount of items and assembly needed.


Determine the number of Save the Dates and Wedding Invitations that you will need based on the number of HOUSEHOLDS to which you are mailing, not the number of individuals. We also recommend ordering an additional 5-10 invitation suites (or more) for any changes, additions, keepsakes, etc.


Should your invitation suite require assembly (ribbon, wax seals, envelope liners, etc.) that will all be completed in our studio prior to shipping. Typically, we allow customers the opportunity to stuff, stamp and seal their own invitations prior to sending them off to guests (your own final quality control check). However, if you would prefer to have all of this taken care of for you, we are able to accommodate that - even dropping them in the mail for you.