We're On The Move

So a funny thing happened on the way to the forum… we’re moving to Columbus, Ohio!

If you’ve been wondering where we are, why we aren’t posting as much on social media, why it’s taking a minute to return some emails and get things back to you (or maybe you haven’t noticed and that’s even better!), well we’ve been busy behind the scenes and wanted to fully disclose all the details, so here they are!

We’ll start with this - Megan got a new job! Not new to what she’s doing really, but she took a promotion within her company and is now doing even bigger things for West Virginia’s largest water utility. She’s done so many things over the course of the last month like lobby bills in our legislative session, all while managing communications and events and working through a promotion. To say that this girl has been busy during our state’s legislative session and her biggest career move to date would be an understatement! So things have slowed just a bit for her on the RPS front while she’s worked through long evenings and weekends with her full-time gig - no big deal though, right, because Lindsay is here to keep the ship afloat! But wait…

Lindsay is moving to Columbus, Ohio. Yep, you read that right (actually, let us go back and read that again because it’s almost a little bit hard to believe!). So while Megan has been hard at work in her ballin’ power suits, Lindsay has been trying to navigate client management, designing, oh, and just trying to find a new place to live 2.5 hours away! We realize we’ve have been running around like chickens with our heads cut off, leaving you guys a little bit in the dark.

We are super happy to share, though, that we brought our friend Kellie (you remember her, right? We hired her for a bit during the government furlough situation) on board to help us keep some things straight during all of this crazy transition. She will be helping us with our social media, some blogging, email maintenance, etc. She’s a super talented, multi-tasking gal, so we are thrilled to have her on our team during all of this transition.

We wanted to address a few frequently asked questions that we’ve been getting about all of these changes in our personal lives. Here goes…

What does this mean for RPS?

Not a thing! While there have been some big changes in our personal lives, it doesn’t mean any changes to what you see for Rock Paper Sisters. We will still be working hard for all of our current clients, as well as future clients! We actually hope it means even more exciting opportunities for all of you with some new products and things, but we will be slowing down just a bit with any new projects as we both settle into these new roles and transition.

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Did you know you were moving when you closed the studio?

This is our favorite question and the answer is NO! We truly didn’t. When we met in January for our annual retreat, we brainstormed a lot of numbers (thank Heavens for numbers-minded husbands) and our studio was a break even for us. We loved that little space and being creative with our community and meeting new clients there, but it wasn’t adding any financial value to our business. Bringing awareness to the community - absolutely! Allowing us to meet and network - you bet! But from a numbers standpoint, it wasn’t any different than what we had been doing before with the home studio, and we were just spending more time running back and forth there, so we wanted to simplify our lives a bit. Fast forward about a month later and Lindsay’s husband got a job offer that he couldn’t refuse. What a God-wink, ya know!

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How will you gals work apart?

We honestly do it now! The beauty of today’s technology has always allowed us to be in two separate places (we don’t live in the same house now or anything haha!), so we’ve always been able to work independently of one another. We have all of our files, design materials, etc. in shared cloud space, so essentially we work off of the same computer anyway. We’ve never sat in an office together everyday for RPS, so it won’t be any different for us in two separate cities!

Will Megan be available for West Virginia consultations?

Absolutely! While she will be hard at work with her new role, she is definitely available to take care of our West Virginia clients, and that’s what we love about this transition - we aren’t leaving anyone behind, we’re just gaining some new faces along the way! In addition, Lindsay will now be able to expand our market to Columbus, and she’ll be available for Ohio consultations in the coming months.

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We love you guys, our TRIBE, and all the support you’ve provided in helping us grow this little idea into a successful business. We always want to be transparent and open with you, and we feel like we’ve just sat down over coffee to share our hearts! Thank you for continuing to love on us during this time of transition, and we look forward to continuing to serve you as we grow!