Myths and Facts About Custom Stationery

Custom stationery can mean many different things to many different people. The word custom is defined as, “made or done to order for a particular customer.” With that definition comes many connotations to the word, for example, expensive, timely, and complex to name a few; however, custom stationery does not have to mean that for everyone. Custom stationery should be viewed as just that, specific to you and the process should be taken seriously as you work to define the look that you aim to achieve with your piece. But we have outlined four important points that we think everyone should take into consideration when thinking about custom stationery:

Having someone local create my invitations will save me money. False.

Now, it can be very cost effective, and in some cases it can actually save some money, but custom invitations should never be viewed as a cheaper alternative. You should seek out custom invitations because you want a unique design, you want quality printing and papers, you want to work one-on-one with someone to create an experience, and you want to wow your guests with a piece they’ve never seen before. An invitation is the first glimpse that your guests will have into the beautiful wedding that you’re creating. A custom invitation helps to set that tone – black tie, cocktail chic, classic and simple – and should be viewed as a valuable part of your wedding preparation.

There’s no special reason to choose a custom stationer vs. a big box store. False!

Did you know that as custom stationers we take great pride in quality control and checking the products that leave our studio. Because you work one-on-one with us to create your stationery, we become personally invested in making sure it’s the best. Colors didn’t turn out right? We start over. Want custom stamps to match? We curate or create them and can even stick them on for you! Need your envelopes addressed? We can also make that happen in matching fonts that are used in your invitation. The possibilities for working one-on-one are endless, but the personal touch and communication is unsurpassed.

I can do that myself. True.

But take this, very important, thing into consideration – wedding planning timelines move fast, to-do list tasks pile up, and that DIY trick you found on Pinterest that you decided to try at the last minute may not turn out the way you envisioned. Let us take on that task. We pride ourselves on continually learning and growing, learning new techniques and tricks, sourcing the best papers and materials and providing the best products for our clients. It may seem like the area where you can save money because “people just throw invitations away”, but a carefully crafted heirloom invitation will last a lifetime, will live on forever as the statement piece of your wedding. Flowers wither away, extra cake gets thrown away, but we can guarantee when you search through your parents attic years down the road you’ll find your wedding invitation carefully tucked away as a memento for treasuring for a lifetime.

The sky is the limit with custom stationery – I don’t have to pick a standard shape, size, etc. True!

Yes, and we love creativity, thinking outside the box, etc. Many of the big box stationery stores offer basic shapes and sizes, but there are thousands of ways you can send an invitation to your guests. If you can dream it, we can work to create it. Also, be cautious of big box stationers that advertise free foil stamping, etc. on their invitations – most don’t allow you to customize things like your names in a foil stamp, only the design elements that come standard on the invitation. Custom stationery is just that – custom in design, layout, shape and more. Be more than standard.

If you have questions about how custom stationery can work for you, we’d love to pour a mug of black coffee and chat with you. Send us an email to get started with your consultation.