Working Your Insert Card


We often get asked, “What’s an insert card?” The short answer is that an insert card can be anything you want it to be! When you’re planning your event (whether it be a wedding, a retirement party, a surprise birthday weekend), you may want to consider including an insert card (often called a details card when it comes to wedding invitations) so that your guests know all the important information.


When sending an invitation to an event, you will want to keep the actual invitation as basic as possible. The invitation should only include the names, date, time, location and address of the event. Nothing more! This is where an insert card will come in handy for all of your extra details. What are these extra details, you ask? Let’s take a look:


  • Hotel information - Let your guests know where they can plan to stay! This may be a discounted block of rooms, or simply a list of hotels nearby. In any case, if you have a lot of out-of-town guests coming, always be sure to share hotel information.

  • Website information - You may have a wedding website or an event website where guests can go for more details. Always keep websites on the insert card and never on the invitation itself! This can also be a way for guests to RSVP without the need for an RSVP card.

  • Registry information - We’re not a huge fan of including your registry anywhere in an invitation mailing, but if it must be done (and sometimes that is the case), keep it on the insert card!

  • Map - A custom map is a really cool way to show guests the area of your event if they’re unfamiliar! A map would be a great addition to your insert card.

  • Directions - You may have a complicated setting for your event that requires some detailed directions. Always put yourself in the shoes of the guests and consider yourself unfamiliar with the area. If you can’t easily find it on GPS with an address, consider adding the directions on an insert card.

  • Basic details - This sounds silly, but sometimes you need to send your guests a lot of information! Maybe it’s a surprise party and you need to tell guests when and where to arrive. Maybe it’s a party where you’re requesting no gifts but a donation to a specific charity. Perhaps it’s a pool party followed by a BBQ and then a night of flashlight tag (hey, you never know!), all of that would be great on an insert card!


No matter what kind of event you’re planning, always keep the invitation simple. If you have more information for your guests than the who, what, when and where, you’ll need an insert card. If you have more questions about these cards, or anything to do with invitations, head over to our contact page to set up a consultation!