Our 2018 Goals: Making Things Happen in 2018

As we wrapped up our quarterly business retreat this weekend, we took some time to ponder our goals for 2018. Where do we see our business going this year? What do we want to accomplish? What do we want to do more of, and what things should we say no to? It can be difficult to shape the course of your business with a few minor (and major!) decisions, but it’s always a good idea to set forth some ground rules on how to proceed for the coming year.

Although we have many more detailed goals that we’ll keep close to the vest for now, we wanted to share a few highlights that came out of our planning session, and what you can expect to see more of from Rock Paper Sisters this year:

Blogging: #notabeautyblogger

One of our favorite accounts to follow on Instagram, The Home Edit, always shares fun tips and tricks on their InstaStories, but they’re always quick to say #notabeautyblogger. We want to clarify that we, also, are not beauty bloggers! However, we want to do more blogging in 2018 on the things that matter. Sharing ideas and tools that will help educate our brides, and making space for educating other small business owners. We want to share what’s worked for us and how brides can utilize tips from the pros to make their wedding planning decisions. Look for some fun and interesting blogs coming from the RPS team this year!

Continuing Education: Learning All The Things

Growing a small business is hard. Like really hard! You’re pulled in a million different directions - learn the Instagram algorithm, grow your email marketing list, how to build your profits! We are faced with, no less than, one million emails hitting our inbox every single day promising the next course, workbook, webinar or podcast that will take our business to the next level. Our goal is to sort through that this year. We can’t take every class, and we can’t listen to every podcast, but we can buckle down on some continuing education in 2018. We are currently working through “Your Best Year Yet 2018” and we hope to share some business growth and goal setting information for our fellow small business friends throughout the year.

Workshops: Because Crafting is Fun

When we opened our studio space in 2017, we had a goal of bringing Pinterest dreams to life. Never did we imagine that we would sell out every single workshop we’ve offered and be swamped with requests for private workshops in our space. It’s exciting to see that so many people want to spend an evening with their friends and make pretty things! In 2018, we plan to continue our workshops and expand into new offerings, bringing in additional artisans and coming up with new things to make and do. We want to continue bringing guests to Hurricane Main Street where they can dine with our neighbors beforehand and grab a milkshake down the street afterward. Workshops have been a fun new venture for us, and we can’t wait to see what 2018 holds!

#RPSTribe: Bringing Rock Paper Sisters to the Masses

One of the things we hear so often from our friends and family is that they want to be part of the #RPSTribe in some way, but they’re already married, aren’t throwing any

parties or can’t find a need for personalized recipe cards (who doesn’t need a personalized recipe card?!). For several months now, we’ve been brainstorming ways that we can bring RPS to the masses, ways we can expand our offerings to bring more folks into the fold of the #RPSTribe. We think (we hope!) we’ve come up with some ideas to let everyone have a piece of the tribe and bring beautiful things into their home. We’re keeping the full details quiet for now, but watch for ways coming soon that you can join the tribe!

Pricing: Because Our Kids Need to Eat!

Lastly, because no one wants to talk about money, we’re changing our pricing structure for 2018. This was hard to do. For so many reasons! First of all, we never want to deny someone the opportunity to work with us because we’re outside their price range. That’s hard! But we’ve had to face the (harsh!) reality that not everyone budgets for custom stationery and (gasp!) not everyone values custom design. Secondly, how do we value our time? In the history of RPS, and we’re really showing ourselves here, we have never accounted for our time when it comes to design and the hours we pour into our clients. Thanks to some gentle nudging from our husbands, we’ve come to understand that our time is valuable, and we do deserve to account for that. So in 2018, we are making some changes to account for that time. As a result, we’re taking on fewer brides, and we’re so looking forward to pouring our hearts into their stationery. (P.S. No children went hungry as a result of our previous pricing mishaps!)

We’re putting these goals and affirmations into the world as a hope that you’ll keep us accountable. When we look back on this blog post at the end of 2018, we hope we’ll feel confident about the things we’ve achieved and go into the next year with a sense of enthusiasm for what else may be on the horizon. Thank you for your support. Thank you for your friendship. And most importantly, thank you for being our tribe.