Freebie: Fonts that are perfect for DIY and More

Wedding Invitation Fonts Copyright Rock Paper Sisters

It’s no secret that as designers of stationery and other branding items we LOVE fonts. In fact, it is our favorite aspect of design. However, with millions of fonts available on the market, sometimes it can be hard to narrow down the right one. We are helping you pinpoint some amazing, FREE fonts right here that you can use on your own personal or commercial products. Read more about each font type below and then click on the font image to start downloading your own!

Personal Use Only

Personal Use Only fonts are just what they seem. These fonts are, like the name says, for Personal Use Only (great description, huh!). But here are a few rules of thumb that we keep in mind when using a Personal Use font:

  • It’s a project or item that isn’t being sold for profit

  • It’s a piece that you are using within your home, office, etc. that isn’t being sold

  • You aren’t selling the font to others for use

Also, keep in mind that some font designers ask for a small donation of your choosing in exchange for using their fonts. This is determined solely by the downloader, so read each download page carefully!

Commercial Use

Again, just like the name says, these fonts can be used for anything that you sell or provide commercially or for profit. The sky is really the limit with these babies! Our best advice would be to use a font that is for commercial use if you work on anything that has the possibility of being sold or used by many!

Check back often (and we’ll remind you on our social media accounts - which you can click on and follow below) as we will continue to add more FREE fonts to this collection!