Our Favorite Date Night Ideas

Get date night ready, ladies! We’re sharing some out-of-the-box ideas for date night that might not include your sequin clutch (but always the pearls!).

Get date night ready, ladies! We’re sharing some out-of-the-box ideas for date night that might not include your sequin clutch (but always the pearls!).

Well, this was a fun little post to put together! As moms of little kids, you know we rarely get the chance to sneak away for date nights, so when we get the chance to do a date night, we like to make it worthwhile. We will preface this by saying, we aren’t the movie-going types. Our husbands love the movies (and have been known to go catch the latest super hero movies by themselves at the theater!), but we just can’t do it. Sitting in the theater makes us think about all the other things we could be doing - we need a space to multitask and sitting in a theater just limits that! Anyway, we have put together a few different date night options that we think are so fun, allow for multitasking if you need to, and are the best little escape from the daily grind.


Okay, we know this sounds silly because we so AREN’T the golfing type. We aren’t great at it, it’s never been our forte, but goodness is it fun! We aren’t talking about taking on an 18 hole golf course, although you totally could if you want to, but we’re talking more about the driving range. If you’re lucky enough to live near a Top Golf, that is the place to go. It’s the bowling alley of golf these days and offers such a wide variety of bar-style food and drinks. If you aren’t, look up driving ranges in your area. Many of them also have these same amenities, just on a less glitzy scale.

Live Music

One of the things that we love about spring and summer evenings (which are so closely approaching), is the chance to enjoy some live, outdoor music. It’s something that you can find almost anywhere - small towns and big cities - there is always a place to catch some live music. It might be in a small pub or on a big stage down by the water, but check your local events calendar and plan to catch a show. It’s a nice alternative to the mundane dinner date.

Escape Rooms

So this is a little bit like sitting in a move theater, but goes by so much quicker and is high intensity and engaging. Rather than sitting and thinking about the emails piling up while you’re watching a movie (which we know - we should be able to turn that part of our brains off from time to time!), this is so challenging and engages all the brain power in trying to figure out how to escape. We’ve done a few of these and it never disappoints. It’s an adrenaline rush! You can grab dinner after and have hours of things to talk about with your recent escape challenge!

Axe Throwing

Again, with the physical activity?! Trust us, our top favorite date night is a casual dinner, but we are trying to help you think outside the box and if you’re up for the challenge, go throw the axes! What a unique idea and something that is so outside of the comfort zone - I mean, when do you just throw axes in your daily life? You probably don’t, so take the opportunity to just let it fly!

Again, we know that these require a little bit more physical activity, so if you’re just looking for a great dinner date, we totally get that too! We are all about just kicking back with a nice cheese plate and a glass of wine. Comment below and let us know some of your favorite date night ideas!