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We get asked from time to time (not often, because we aren’t “beauty bloggers”) what make-up products and brands we absolutely love. As we’ve mentioned before, we grew up with a mom that just LOVED products. All products - hair, makeup, bath, home… if you can put “product” next to it, she loved them and still does! So we have been around the block a time or two with a lot of the products that we will share below, but also some of them are new favorites for us, because, like mother like daughter, we’ve also fallen in love with testing and trying new products. So let’s get started, shall we!



Emani: Let’s be honest, we’ve learned about so many of these new products that we love from the uber talented and super fun Kayti over at The BeYOUty Bureau. If you’re really looking for some great beauty advice we highly recommend watching her Instagram stories and reviews - she’s the best! But she introduced us to this Emani primer, and hands down if it's not in your makeup bag it needs to be. That’s all we’ll say about that. Oh, and that it’s also great for oily/combo skin like ours!

Tatcha Silk Canvas: The ultimate pore reducer! This product minimizes pores so beautifully that we really recommend it for any T-zone. If you struggle with keeping things looking smooth in those areas with your foundation, definitely give this a try. We have the small version (because it is costly), but a little bit goes a long way!


Estee Lauder Double Wear: We can’t even sugar coat it, we are obsessed with Double Wear right now! It’s a new find for both of us (like within the last month) and boy oh boy is it a HOME RUN! This makeup stays in place all.day.long and it is amazing coverage for acne prone skin like ours. Another favorite part - you can go to the Estee Lauder counter and get color matched and even get a sample to take home and “try before you buy”, which is great for allowing you to really test the product in different lights and settings.

Younique Touch: This has been a long standing favorite, particularly for Megan. The coverage on this is amazing and a liquid foundation that goes on with a brush and finishes like a powder touch is a win-win in our book. The only downside is that you have to wait for it to ship to you. So if you sit down at your make-up table and realize you’ve suddenly hit rock bottom on your foundation, you have to wait a minute to get a new one. The pro-tip to this would be always order two at a time. Have one in circulation and one in waiting!

Revlon Colorstay: If you’re looking for a great drugstore find, we highly recommend this Revlon foundation. The color range is out of this world, so it’s almost impossible not to find a good match, plus when you run out you can pick up another when you grab your groceries! The only downside is that we find with sensitive skin, like ours, breakouts can happen more frequently with a drugstore brand. But in a pinch, this is definitely what we would grab!


Bronzer and Contour

Physician’s Formula Butter Bronzer: Not only do we love the range of shades that this comes in, but it has a light scent to it that smells beachy, and that just makes our hearts smile every time we put it on! Another thing we love about this bronzer is that it doesn’t have any shimmer to it, so it’s perfect for warming up the face or contouring without looking like you’ve sprinkled too much fairy dust!

Fenti Matchstix: This is a great tool for contouring and the shade Amber is the best cool-tone for contouring your face! Stick some of this in the hollows of your cheeks and we promise it will give the perfect illusion of shadow! This product also comes in a ton of other shades so it would be perfect for application as a blush, bronzer or concealer, as well.


Younique Touch Skin Perfecting: We don’t sell Younique, but we kinda love this concealer hardcore. Not to mention that one tube can last a lifetime (okay, maybe not that long, but a long time!). A little bit of this goes such a long way that we think that might be worth the investment to order and wait for it (like we mentioned above with the foundation). It just has such a nice coverage and the color is perfection!

We’re also all ears for any other concealers that you guys have used and loved! Leave us a comment below because we would love to try something that is easily accessible with good coverage. We’ve heard great things about KKW Beauty and Tarte’s Shape Tape. We haven’t used these to personally testify but both seem to get good reviews!


NYX Brow Gel: This stuff is a game changer. If you’re like us and don’t need a ton of “fill-in” for your brows, this gel is perfect for adding a little bit of pop while also keeping everything in place.

Essence Nude Eyes: The perfect palette for your “I woke up like this” look. If you’re looking to add just the right amount of color to your eye but not go full-glam, this is the best palette to keep in your back pocket!



You know how we feel about lashes - it’s the only other blog post we’ve ever written about beauty products, actually. We swear by the routine and the regimen that we wrote about in our post here - so much so that we’ve had so many of you comment or message us and say that you’ve tried one or all of these products and you TOO now swear by them!


Sonia Kashuk: We dare you to try to find something that compares to these! You can grab some at Target or on Amazon - which is also a bonus for us because we love both places! But Kellie might have found a close second in her recs below!


Here are a few other product recommendations from one of our favorite make-up gals, Kellie Lilly.


Morphe Eyeshadow Palettes - any of them, all of them, go get them! I’m linking a few of my other favorites below from the Morphe collection.

James Charles X Morphe Palette

Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Palette

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette - another great choice for your eyes!


Morphe Brushes - super affordable and great quality!


Lipsense Lipsticks - perfect for all day wear

Kylie Cosmetics - perfect for moderate wear

Color Pop - also a great choice for moderate wear


NYX Contour Palette - a great choice for quick contouring and highlighting

Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit - a great highlighter palette!

You can check out the full list of products we love (give or take a few) on our Amazon page by clicking here!

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