Wedding Invitations: What You Really Need

Wedding invitations can be overwhelming, we get it! When you're in the thick of planning a wedding it can be hard to sort through the things that you need and the things that you might not need. Thanks to sources like Pinterest and Instagram, there are an abundance of images that serve as beautiful inspiration for your big day. In order to help you better understand the things that you need and do not need, we thought that we would work through some of the must haves!


Wedding Invitations

The most important piece of stationery that you need in your wedding suite is the invitation. This is the focal point that serves as the main announcement for your big day. This card will clearly state all of the most important details including your names, the date and time of your wedding and the location. Some of the information that should NEVER be listed on your main wedding invitation include:

  • RSVP or response information
  • Registry information
  • Wedding websites or additional web and social links


Whether you do this in a postcard format, a card that requires a stamped envelope or an insert card that instructs guests to go to your wedding website, it is important to have your response information listed on a separate card. We always recommend keeping any information that the guest will need OFF of the RSVP card. After all, that card is coming back to you, so you don't want any date/time/location/hotel details to come back with it!

Details Card

We get asked about this one a lot! Are they necessary and do we recommend them? The short answer: no, they're not necessary, and yes, we recommend them! Details cards are great for giving your guests all the details they'll need for your big day. Where is the block of hotel rooms? What are the details for arrival? Are the guests included in the rehearsal dinner? Do you have a wedding website to share? All of this information can go on the details card for easy reference by your guests.



Last, but certainly not least, the envelopes! This rounds out your wedding invitation must-haves. We always recommend including a self-addressed stamped envelope with your RSVP. This ensures that your guests will return their RSVP card because all they have to do is fill it out and drop it on the mail! Easy peasy :) Additionally, outer envelopes are a must (obviously!), but we never see couples using inner and outer envelopes anymore. That's a thing of the past when it comes to wedding invitations. Treat your envelope to a beautiful liner, and you're all set!

When it comes to wedding invitations, the sky can definitely be the limit, but sticking to the basics can allow you to send a beautifully designed, custom invitation without breaking the bank. If you want to add a pop of flair, you can always consider:

  • Wax seals
  • Silk ribbon
  • Belly bands
  • Pockets

We're always happy to answer questions about wedding invitations or event stationery. Check out our contact page for more information on how you can customize the stationery for your big day!