The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide

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Mother’s Day is just on the horizon (Sunday, May 13 for those that needed a friendly reminder), and we’ve put together a handy gift guide for the mother in your life (or maybe for your wife if your kids are too young to shop, wink wink!). We recommend gathering up a few of these items and putting together the ultimate gift that is sure to wow her!


For the Boss Mom

Know a boss mom that’s juggling it all? This is the gift guide for you!

1. Emily Ley Simplified Planner

This planner is the best (and we’ve tried a bunch!). When you’re juggling multiple people and multiple things, it’s best to have a place to write it all down. The new Academic Planners launch on May 2, and they’re sure to sell out quickly! Grab one as soon as you can and wow that boss mom on Mother’s Day!

2. Kate Spade Tumbler

We’ve talked about it on Instagram, but it’s a proven fact that you drink more water when you drink through a straw (proven by us, no scientist consulted!). Give that boss mom a gorgeous tumbler that’s fashionable and functional. You can thank us later when she’s swooning over this pattern!

3. Rock Paper Sisters Stationery

She’s juggling it all and she deserves some personalized stationery! Give your mom the gift of paper this Mother’s Day with a notecard set she’s sure to love. These can be customized for personal or business use, and they’re printed on the highest quality paper with envelopes. A total win!

4. Rock Paper Sisters Apparel

This boss mom sweatshirt and t-shirt are a MUST for the boss mom in your life. She’s working hard, and she’s ready to step out in (comfortable) style! We love these premium quality apparel items for the work at home mom and working mom. Let’s face it - is there such a thing as a mom that’s NOT a boss? Nope!

5. Grace Not Perfection by Emily Ley

We LOVE this book! It speaks right to our heart - give yourself some grace. Life doesn’t have to be perfect! This book is a must read for any mom - because we all need a little grace. Grab this book for a great price and pair it with one of the other items on our list. It will be a favorite for sure!


For the Fab Mom

Know a fab mom that’s stepping out in style? This gift guide is for you!

6. Rock Paper Sisters Apparel

Our “Pop the Champs” sweatshirt and t-shirt are a fan favorite in our shop. It’s been a long week, and momma is ready to let loose and relax. Time to pop the champs! Pair this apparel item with one of the other gifts we’ve recommended and you have a winner!

7. Amika Texture Spray, Conditioner and Dry Shampoo

The fab mom in your life is doing it all and she needs a little hair pick me up. We swear by the Amika texture spray and dry shampoo when we’re on the go. The smell is perfection and the style is unbeatable. The perfect combination for any fab mom!

8. Essie Gel Couture

In desperate need for a manicure but no time for the salon? Don’t want to break the bank on a pricey spa trip? Essie Gel Couture is the perfect gift for your fab mom! This set is color and gel top coat all in one, and it’s sure to last for a week or more. The colors are vibrant and the quick, easy process can’t be beat. 

9. Rock Paper Sisters Mug

Don’t let your fab mom drink her coffee from a plain ole mug! She needs something that’s just as fabulous as she is! Grab one of our gorgeously styled coffee mug and show her how much you notice her love for a good cup of coffee in the mornings. Trust us, she’ll love it!

10. Quay Australia “Needing Fame” Women’s Sunglasses

These sunglasses are the best! No need for make up when your sunglasses cover half your face. Score! These glasses are high quality and high style. She’ll love stepping out in her new sweatshirt and amazing sunnies. 


For All Moms

Know a mom? Perfect! You’re in the right place to find a gift!

11. Benchmark Bouquets
Y’all! You can Amazon Prime flowers. The age of technology is incredible! Send her a beautiful bouquet at work or at home, and she’ll love showing off these gorgeous stems. There are a variety of styles and vases to choose from. How can you go wrong with flowers?

12. Emily Ley Baby Books

New mom, veteran mom, any mom - grab one of these baby books! They’re beautiful keepsakes for writing down and storing all those precious moments! Interested in a big kid version? Emily Ley has those as well! These books are beautifully designed and perfect for mom.

13. Rock Paper Sisters Mug

As mentioned above, what mom doesn’t love (or need!) coffee? Help her sip her cup o’joe in style each morning. We have a variety of styles to choose from, but this chair version is one of our all-time favorites.

14. Rock Paper Sisters Apparel

Last, but not least, did we mention that mom loves coffee?? Wait, maybe that’s just us? In any case, the “Coffee” sweatshirt and t-shirt will be a huge hit! Not a coffee fan, try our “Circa 1985” or “#RPSTribe” styles. There’s something for everyone!

Now go grab up some of these items, hug your mom and let her know how much you love and appreciate her! (Not just on Mother’s Day, but everyday!)


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