Preparing for Your Big Day

It’s official - wedding season is upon us! The weather is becoming warmer, flowers are blooming and the sound of wedding bells is in the air. We love this time of year!

As you’re preparing for your big day, there can be a real mix of emotion. Elation and excitement that you’re about to step into a new chapter with your best friend, right alongside the stress and frustration of making all the details just perfect for your wedding day. We get it, it’s a lot to take in! There are a lot of moving parts, a lot of people involved and a lot of balls in the air. It can feel like a circus!

But it doesn’t have to! We’ve put together our four tips for enjoying your big day to the fullest. This isn’t rocket science, but sometimes it’s a good to have a reminder!

1. Breathe

Yes, it’s just that simple. Breathe! Sometimes we can get so caught up in the stress of the little things, that we forget to do the simplest of tasks. Take a step back, enjoy a deep breath and then make the necessary decisions. It’s easy to get stressed and make snap decisions or comments that you could later regret. Don’t make a single decision without first taking a deep, cleansing breath. This will inevitably put your mind in a better place! It seems small, but trust us, it works!

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Rest and relax!

2. Relax

Yep, relax. This isn’t supposed to be stressful - it’s your wedding day! Yes, there will be details that can become overwhelming, but don’t sweat them. If details don’t come together, your guests will never know the difference. If the wrong flowers show up, your guests will never know the difference. If your ceremony music has to change at the last minute, your guests will never know the difference! See where we’re going with this? Just relax! None of this is life or death. It’s your wedding day! And Lord willing, you’ll only get to enjoy this once!


3. Self Care

Again, this seems simple, but when we’re busy taking care of all the details and everyone else, we can often forget to take care of ourselves! Focus on self care during your wedding planning and leading up to the big day. Get plenty of sleep, drink plenty of water, for goodness sakes, eat a full, nutrient-dense meal! Wash your face. Get a massage. Just sit down and read a book! Whatever you need to do to step back and decompress, do it! You don’t want to be exhausted, stressed and malnourished on your wedding day. Practice great self care to give yourself the best day of your life!

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Eat. Sleep. Be Well!

4. Enjoy!

Again, not rocket science here! Don’t spend your big day (and the days leading up to it) in a ball of stress and anxiety. Enjoy. Your. Day! Shrug off the things that don’t come together. Thank your parents and your bridesmaids for all their help. Give your aunt a big hug for her help with reception set up. Lean on your wedding planner, your photographer, your DJ and other skilled vendors to take the curveballs that may arise in the day. All you should be doing is ENJOYING your wedding day. You can thank us later!