Business Tools We Love

Over the years, as we’ve built Rock Paper Sisters, we’ve experienced a lot (a lot!) of trial and error with various business products and tools. We’ve tried multiple client management tools, we’ve tried multiple web platforms and we’ve tried more commerce tools than we care to even dive into! 

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Business tools can make or break your business.

People ask us ALL THE TIME - can we pick your brain when it comes to growing a business? Here’s your chance! We’re putting together a brief series of the tools we love and why we love them. We’ll do a brief overview here, and then we’ll delve into each one further in the coming months. 

If you’re interested in starting or growing a business - learn from our trials. Trust us when we say, we’ve tried it all! These are the tools we now swear by, and this is not a sponsored post. We just really love these tools!

1. SquareSpace

Web platforms have been the biggest thorn in our side over the years. We’ve tried them all! There were two that we really disliked, and we’ll save those trials for another time, but SquareSpace has been a lifesaver for us. We’re a two-man band with e-commerce, a blog and lots of regular web updates. A simple, easy-to-use website is a must! We have found it with SquareSpace. We’ll share more about our love for this platform in a coming blog, but if you’re getting started with web, we highly recommend starting here!

2. DropBox

It’s so simple, but we do a ton of file sharing between the two of us, and DropBox is a lifesaver! We use DropBox as our main shared drive, and we’re also able to share files easily with wedding planners and other vendors as we’re working on materials for clients. If you run a business, and you’re not using DropBox, get ready to make your life easier! Although the program is web-based, you can download the file right to your computer and save to it just like a regular file on your computer. So. Incredibly. Helpful!

3. Dubsado

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"Dubsado is everything!"

Y’all. Dubsado is everything! Sometimes we sit back and wonder how we ever ran our business without this incredible client management tool. The short answer - we weren’t! Dubsado has allowed us to become more organized and streamlined than ever before, as well as more efficient, profitable and less stressed. Have we said enough awesome things about Dubsado yet? Doubt it! We’re able to create client portals with this tool for client proofing, streamline workflows for automatic invoicing and send follow up emails to clients - without ever clicking a button! More to come on our love affair with Dubsado! 

4. Tailwind

Here’s a little secret about our business - we can’t be everywhere all the time! Sometimes the posts you’re seeing, they’re scheduled. And you know what, we’re doing it through Tailwind! We were introduced to Tailwind by a fellow stationer a few months ago, and it’s been a lifesaver in streaming our post scheduling. We’re able to schedule our Pinterest and Instagram posts from the same platform, watch our analytics and adjust our posting times based on our best follower interaction throughout the day. Give Tailwind a look!

5. Trello

Last, but not least, our old faithful friend, Trello! When we first started focusing on client management, we used Trello as our client portal. While we love the functionality of the tool, we were still using multiple other platforms for invoicing, proofing, etc. When we moved to Dubsado, we just couldn’t let this tool get away from us. We still use Trello as our shared to-do board and overall client tracker. We also use Trello as a shared account with some other creatives that we work alongside for branding and client marketing. This is a great tool for tracking your daily and monthly to-dos if you’re visually inclined like us!

Stay tuned for more in depth features on each of these tools. Feel free to drop us a comment if you have questions about any of these, and let us know what business tools you love!