Four Unique Ways to Use Stationery in 2018

Happy New Year's Eve! How did 2017 slip by us so quickly?! If you're like us, you're wondering how the past year went by so fast, and you're also thinking ahead to all the wonderful things the new year holds. The possibilities are endless as you look ahead to the blank slate in front of you!

In 2018, we hope you'll consider some fun and unique ways you can use stationery. We often get asked if we only create wedding invitations, and the answer is NO WAY! We spend a considerable amount of time on wedding stationery, but we also do tons of unique projects throughout the year outside of weddings. Here are four ways you can incorporate stationery into your life in the coming year.


Looking for a new way to keep your to-do list in order this year? Start with a beautiful notepad that will make writing notes fun! This year, we created tons of notepads for wedding favors and teacher gifts, but notepads don't have to be for special occasions! Treat yourself to a beautiful notepad this year that's personalized for your specific needs.


Have something important to say? Don't text it in 2018! A good, old-fashioned handwritten note speaks volumes to your recipient. If you want to send a thank you, a congratulations, a condolence or a well wish, do it with personalized notecards! Your recipient will be so blown away by your thoughtfulness.


Say it with stickers! We don't often think of stickers when we think of stationery, but the added touch of affordable, personalized stickers can take your gift or product to the next level. Add stickers to paper coffee cups, photo packets, gift packages, bags and more to give that extra edge. This is also a great way to get organized in 2018. Use stickers to label drawers, boxes and more. Plus, if you have kiddos, they'll love to help with these little stationery treasures!


Last, but certainly not least, never underestimate the power of a good planner. We've talked about planners a lot as we've approached the new year, but it's because we believe in them! When you're juggling the entire world (or so it feels!) you have to keep up with all the things. Find a great planner and make a resolution to stick with it. Write down dates, appointments and to-dos. You'll be thankful you did! We highly recommend the Emily Ley Simplified Planner or the Ink + Volt, but find one that works for you and your needs!

Thanks for joining us on this amazing stationery journey! We can't wait to share all the fun and amazing things we have planned for 2018. But for now, we hope you have a Happy New Year!